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The infectiously addictive colour-matching puzzle game

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TIGA Awards 2017 Finalist
Finalist: Best Casual / Social Game

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Use your puzzle-solving skills to treat the rampant viruses before they infect the world. Find the correct combination of drugs to complete the puzzle, but be careful not to overdose any cells! Think you've solved all the puzzles? A scientist's work is never done with the Daily Virome and a random puzzle generator.

It’s a different kind of colour-matching game that will have you addicted in no time! Download it now before it goes viral!

A Virome colour matching puzzle
Solve a set of increasingly difficult puzzles. Can you find the optimal solution?

A daily puzzle
Think your work is done? A new threat emerges every day with the Daily Virome


Colour-matching puzzles
A new threat every day with the Daily Virome
Generate random puzzles for a unique challenge
Treat the viruses, save the world

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